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The New Testament Church of God (NTCG) in England held its first public service at the YMCA Centre, Stafford Street, Wolverhampton, the morning of Sunday 20th September 1953 under the direction of Bishop Oliver A. Lyseight and Bishop Herman D. Brown. It is reported that on the evening of the same day, Bishop G. A. Johnson, Revd Enos Gordon and other believers began a fellowship in Handsworth, Birmingham. Contact was made between the two groups and the Handsworth fellowship was visited by Bishop Lyseight.

Almost two years on, after joining over 30,000 attendees from 34 countries at the Pentecostal World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden (13th – 20th June 1955), the then Executive Secretary of World Missions, Revd Paul H. Walker visited England and established the Wolverhampton (25 members) and Handsworth (40 members) churches as the first two NTCG congregations in the UK on Saturday 18th June 1955.

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The first service of the New Testament Church of God in Derby was held on 1st April 1961 at St Peter’s Parochial Hall at St Peter’s Street, Derby. 

In 1963 the church purchased a small hall on Burton Road, however by 1989 the said premises had become grossly inadequate. 

In 1992 the members were informed of a church building on Brighton Road that was on the market.  The members purchased the derelict church building some months later and following renovation and many willing hands, the work was executed in a matter of weeks and service was held in the Church Hall.  On the 15 May 1994 the first service was held in the main Sanctuary.

Over the years the building has been developed and undergone further refurbishment and now has the following additional facilities. Disabled toilet , disabled access, baptism pool, crèche, updated technical equipment for recording services, overflow and, hospitality room and a newly refurbished kitchen,

In 2008  Pastor  Paul N Gordon was inducted to further the ministry. The introduction of worship seminars and teach sessions resulted in an increase in regular attendance. Further development of the building was undertaken to improve the sanctuary adding a separate media room and technical equipment for broadcasting our services.

Land approximately 200metres from the Church building was purchased and developed into car parking facilities for our visitors and members. The re-building of a new church hall was also undertaken which now gives improved facilities for out ministries and serves as a community centre for the area.







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