Christian New Believers Class.

Nurturing Faith and Community


Every Sunday morning, from 10:00 am to 10:45 am, we hold in-person classes for New Believers in the Christian faith. This class is specifically designed for individuals who have recently embraced Christianity. It serves as a nurturing ground for understanding the core principles of the Christian faith and developing a strong, personal relationship with God.


The class is designed to be welcoming and informative, providing support and space for dialogue, sharing experiences, and discussing challenges members might be facing as new Christians. This 45-minute class is the ideal setting for new believers to explore their newfound faith, based on a range of topics fundamental to Christian beliefs. In this class, we follow the study course “Freedom In Christ”.


During the class, we engage in involved and engaging discussions, reading through the New Believers material and relevant scriptures, and most importantly, applying them to our daily lives. This interactive approach ensures that each session is not just a learning experience but also a space for personal spiritual growth, alongside church and community engagement.


Attendees are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions, share their experiences, express their doubts, and give mutual support, which fosters a sense of belonging and communal understanding.


In this class, we share an understanding of the weekly church services and classes, emphasising the importance of their involvement in attending and growing.


We warmly invite all new believers, irrespective of their background, to join us in this journey of faith every Sunday. It's not just a class; it's a community coming together to grow in love, knowledge, and commitment to God's path.


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